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Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Ladies Just For You

Pretty Lady With Flowered Hat
Lady in Teal Dress

These lovely ladies are yours to download and do with as you please.  I think they are quite gorgeous!  I especially like the hat!!!  In those days most ladies wore, or were depicted as wearing, large hats, some of them pretty, some of them downright outlandish!!  Hope you en joy and find something to use them on.
Just gotta' say it ... be sweet!


They look a heap-sight better than the painted, tattooed, pierced gals I work with every day!


I know that's right, Gorges!! I see those tattoos and piercings every time I venture out!!! I dare say one of my own grand daughters has a tattoo and a piercing that she no longer uses, thank goodness!! My, how times have changed!!!


I definitely will make use of these beautiful
images. Thank you very much. Yes, the fashion was so different "then". Not always for the better for sure.


Hi Polly. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely images. I have enjoyed perusing your blog and viewing your beautiful creations as well as partaking of some of your generous images. Have a lovely week! ~ Angela


I am delighted you want to use them in a collage, or whatever project you have in mind. Thank you, Sheila and FILIGREE MOON!!!!


Hi Polly, thank you so much for the lovely freebies you so kindly share with us. I used the pretty lady with the flowered hat on one of my cards for a challenge at Sugar Creek Hollow. You can see the card here
Have a lovely week,


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