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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Code Name Insight: How the Oldtimers Survived the Great Depression and Why We May Not Measure Up

Code Name Insight: How the Oldtimers Survived the Great Depression and Why We May Not Measure Up

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Digital Art

My sweet little great grand son, Christian James Wilcox

I couldn't resist posting this digi art piece I put together of my great grand son, Christian!!!  I love playing with my photos and have started long ago making heritage albums for my children, but I keep getting side tracked with those sweet little great grand children's pictures!  They are just too cute and I want to reach right into the computer and pull them out!!
I tell their moms that I play with them all the time on my computer and it is so true.  Try, hard as I might, when I start on the pictures, those little children tug at my heart strings and I have no resistance whatsoever!
I am soon off in another world playing with their photos and making what I think to be works of art.  It is only because they are my own, but ....  it is pretty with Christian placed in the palm of a hand and being looked after by his very own angel!!
Be sweet, all.  Love, peace and blessings!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1901 Images From "A Flower Book"

Christmas Rose

Winter Jasmine

The artist who created these sweet images is Nellie Benson.  They were published in "A Flower Book" in 1901.  
I love the sweetness and innocence of the little girls and the beauty of the flowers.  They are the perfect size for a note card or a card front.  They are beautiful just as they are and would be so pretty in nostalgic frames strung in a group, one below the other.  
However you decide to use them, I know they will enhance any craft or art.  I have yet to use them in any way except to look at and enjoy, but, with the holidays fast approaching I just know they will turn up on something.  
Have fun and enjoy them!
Be sweet!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angels And Snowballs

Snowball Fight Christmas Postcard
Winter Scene Christmas Card
Christmas Angels

Here are three more Christmas images for you.  I hope you like them.  My favorite, as you probably already know, is the bottom card, with the angels.  There is just something about angels that I dearly love and don't have a clue if that is what they really look like, nor does anyone else.  It is nice to imagine they do ... and, who knows, they may appear exactly as we depict them in the images. 
Sometimes, when I close my eyes at night, right before I drift off to sleep I imagine a room full of angels, some of them bending over me so close I can almost feel the wings touch my skin.  Then again, is it really my imagination?  I sometimes wonder, but for whatever reason, there is no desire to open my eyes, perhaps for fear it IS imagination, though in my heart  I know for sure it is not.
Always be sweet!!


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