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Saturday, February 11, 2012

4 Old Valentines

Thought I better get these posted before Valentine's Day!  I had surgery Wednesday and am better, but will have much more to be done and probably take most of the year to complete and not sure if they can fix some things ... that's okay if they can't!  I am grateful to be here and grateful for the many blessings in my life.  Still can't get over the fact that I am a great grandma!  I love it and feel SO lucky!!  Many never have the pleasure of even one, and here I am with 5 GREAT GRANDCHILDREN!!!  Don't know what I've done to deserve my good fortune, but this I know ... those little angels are my heart, they have caused a light in my world that nothing can extinguish, how grateful I am and how very much I love them!  I hope I can make them all valentines.  It may not mean much now, but in 30 years they will (I hope) treasure the handmade cards from their great grandma ... 
May love, peace and joy fill your day and ... be sweet!!  XXOOX


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