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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage Fashion

The antique image of the lady on the postcard is very glamorous, indeed!!  The other two ladies are just as glamorous and the large hats that seemed to be a part of every well dressed woman's wardrobe in those days definitely add flair and match the dresses perfectly.
My own mother wore hats, but nothing to compare to these.  Lovely as they are, I have to wonder how in the world those poor ladies managed to store all the large hats, let alone hold up their heads from the weight!!! 
Thank goodness fashion changes from year to year and the big hats are a part of history. 
Be sweet!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beautiful Mother's Day Graphics

I love these graphics ... a lady's hand holding a single rose, one red and one pink, and the hand with the quill is just gorgeous!  They could be used so many ways in crafting a great gift for mom or any special lady.  Get your creative caps on and let's think of how we can use these pretty pictures!!  I think they would be absolutely lovely decorating a candy wrapper , box or card.  My favorite is the one with the pink rose and frilly sleeve.  They would be great to brighten up a plain frame which could hold a special Mother's Day poem, covered with a glossy sealer and placed on a gold plate holder or even to decorate a plain plate ... the verse, graphic and put into a plate hanger for just that perfect place on a bare wall.  
I am sure whether you just like to collect them, look at them or use them in crafting, these will be among your favorites as they are mine.  More for tomorrow, Loveys!! 
Be sweet now!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Angel Images And a Picture Box Craft

I love angels and believe they are all around us.  Today's images are both of two angels.  I am going to enlarge the second image, cut out the angels and adhere to a  photo box that I have painted black.  I don't know yet what it will look like, but I am hoping it will be as pretty as I envision it to be.  I plan to adhere angel images to almost cover the lid, then smear some white paint around the edges of the glued on images, maybe distress with a little ink and finish with several coats of a brush on sealer.  I will paint the inside a soft lavender and also seal it for strength.  I am wondering if I should add some keys, gemstones, or anything to add texture and interest to the lid!  I welcome any ideas and comments you may have as I struggle sometimes to come up with something new and different!!
Be sweet!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Presents!!!

Two free images for today, Easter!!  One, a young lady sitting gracefully on a flower covered swing and the other, an image of a child dressed in Easter finery, clutching a bouquet of flowers, standing proudly by a giant egg tied with a lovely blue ribbon.
These are beautiful images that would be right at home with any of our crafty projects, just click on the image to open in new window, then right click and "save as" to a folder on your computer.
I would love to see any projects you have and  to post them here for everyone to enjoy.
Happy Easter, have fun and be sweet!!!

Easter Blessings

This is the sweetest image of 3 little Easter angels under an arch of what appears to be dogwood.  I thought it fitting that our first image should include angels and celebrate Easter at the same time.  I hope you  have the perfect project for this cute angel graphic. 
Click on the image to open it to full size in another window, then right click and "save as" to save it to your computer.  You may want to make a new folder in My Pictures to save the images in. 
Here's hoping to a long lasting friendship with lots of new pics for all your crafting projects and needs.
Be sweet!!!!

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