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Friday, September 24, 2010

Angels In Roses

These are two of the loveliest angel images and they are freebies for you to download and use as you wish.  I would like to see what you create with them if you use them in crafts.  I sometimes just like to look at them and enjoy their beauty.  There is something about the image of an angel ... can't put my finger on it, but I am drawn to their beauty and innocence.  I hope you like them as much as I do.
Be sweet!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Digital Art Freebie, Quote By Helen Keller

I love this quote by Helen Keller.  I love so many of the things she said and is remembered for.  I decided to make a digital art page using the quote. 
I am surprised as it did not take long at all and the joy it gave me is immeasurable.  I love making anything and I have grown to really enjoy using the digital program I bought when I was still able to work.  I don't even think they make it any more. 
I could never master photoshop or the newer ones and it took a long time to learn the correct way to use the one I have.  There are still probably tons of things I could do, but don't know how. I have found out most of what I know by playing around and saying to myself, "Oh, I wonder what this will do!".
I want to know how to add color to a black and white photograph.  There must be a simple way to do it and I love the look of a black and white photo with a flower or some little thing in a beautiful color.
If you use the art please give me credit for it ... that is all I ask and to send someone here to download their own if they would like.
I am beginning to post as much as what I make as the "old stuff" I have acquired!!!
Be sweet, all!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

War Ration Book And Woolworth Menu (Plus Memories)

I think you will really like these two wonderful graphics.  Isn't it fun to see the way it was "back in the day"?
I often wish I was there and think I might have been born in the wrong century!!  I would be perfectly happy, with no computer or any of the comforts we take so for granted today!!  I raised my children in the rural south, where if you saw a cloud of dust on the road you knew you were about to have company!  We had to drive 20 miles just to get a loaf of bread.  We barely knew what store bought bread was anyway!!  I made biscuits and cornbread and homemade yeast rolls all the time.  It was the way I was raised, it was what I knew to do. 
I am SO grateful my kids had a chance to grow up the way they did and the way I grew up as well.  They could walk in the woods, explore, fish in the canal in the field beside our house.  They climbed trees, picked dusty blackberries by the roadside in a lard bucket.  That's what I used to cook as that's all I knew to do.  I tease them today that our arteries are probably solid hog fat!!!!  They have such fond memories of their childhood and that, after all, is what is important.  They remember coming home from school and smelling homemade bread or cookies before they even opened the door.  I say to anyone who will listen that those were the happiest days of my life and it is so true.  I was so young when I married, my dad used to say I grew up with my kids, the only thing is, they grew up and I never did! 
Don't see any need to grow up now as I want to play dolls and have tea parties with my great grand children.
I do get carried away when I talk of those days!
Be sweet and treat others as you would like to be treated.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas Images Already? Free To Use As You Please

After being sent my own personal angel, I couldn't help but think of Christmas, although Halloween and Thanksgiving have not yet arrived!!
Christmas is my very favorite time of the year.  I think it is to most everyone, especially to the little children.  I remember how excited my own children became weeks before the holiday!  They were like little elves, eyes sparkling with the wonderment of it all.  They loved to go riding at night, marveling at all the twinkling lights.  I believe their little faces outshone even the brightest of lights!  It was a time of joy and excitement for them.
What special memories of Christmas comes to mind for you?
I am sure we all have many that stand out.  I have such special childhood memories myself, of the holiday seasons when my brothers and I were small and my sweet little mom and dad made them all the more special for us.  How lucky we were to have apples, oranges and chocolate santas in our stockings on Christmas morning!!  We actually hung up real stockings, not the kind you buy in a store, but the best ones we could find that we wore to keep us warm during the cold winter days.  They hung proudly and prominently on nails by the tree Dad had cut himself.  We strung popcorn, made paper ornaments and Mama helped us cut out a big star for the tree top.  It was the most beautiful tree in the world to us.
I really get carried away when those memories bubble up!  I hope you like the Christmas images and can use them in your crafting or just enjoy them as I do.
Be sweet!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God Sent An Angel

Oh, goodness ... where do I start except to say that God has sent to me my own personal angel!!!!  I don't believe she has wings yet unless she tucks them tightly inside the clothes she wears so they don't show and tip people off!!! 
NEVER doubt in the power of belief!!! 
I have forgiven the person who stole my money and ID.  We have to forgive if we want to be forgiven.  I wonder if he is peaceful when he lies his head down at night.
I wish I knew who he (or she) is so I could look into their eyes and say simply, "You took all I had ... I am unable even to get a Social Security card because you took all my identification, along with all my money and the money for my disabled children.  It is said everyone is equal.  Perhaps it is true.  I do know I am at peace  when my head touches the pillow at night because I have forgiven you."
Be sweet and love each other!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Not All News Is Good News

Hi, sweet friends.  I wanted to tell you it may be a while before I post again.  I am devastated and heartbroken that there are such people in the world.  My purse was stolen with all the money I have in it!  I had just got money orders to pay my bills and cash for the rest of the month since I only have Social Security since I have become disabled. 
I will put it in the hands of the Lord and trust that he will take care of me and try to look at it as a learning experience. 
Please stay sweet!!!

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