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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adorable Angels

Sweet tiny angel looking at yellow bird
Little angel on a ladder with flowers

I love these tiny angels!  I believe all of you who love working with graphics of any sort will as well.  These would be beautiful in a collage, as the main feature of an ATC or any number of other artsy crafty projects you might think of.  I am sure you can think of ways to use them that I could never imagine as I am not as creative as I once was.  Those who are blessed with creativity are lucky indeed. I do consider it a blessing, as we all know you are SO intent on whatever the project may be, any worries or troublesome intrusive thoughts seem to vanish as your hands become busy, your mind settles into a deep, contented place of peace.
Enjoy them and, as always ... be sweet!!!!!!!


So very beautiful....simply wonderful...uplitfing and inspirational!!
Wishing you a magical day and happy wkd!


Thank you, Darling!!! I think all angels are beautiful ... of course, I don't even know what they look like, but the way we humans depict them is certainly beautiful and inspiring. Have a great weekend yourself, Kiddo!!


Cute angels. Check my blog for an Easter post next weekend. I hope to post an old Easter post-card.


Gorges, I can't wait to see your old Easter post card. I love all the old post cards. Remember when I used to send them myself! They were on a revolving display rack and I felt I had to look at it over and over for fear I would miss seeing one!!!


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