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Monday, December 26, 2011

Babysitting in Ten Degree Weather

Abigail and me

Well, this is a little different that what I usually share with you, but it is SO special I couldn't keep it to myself!!
This, apparently, is the way I babysit a great grandchild while the parents go out for an evening of  dining and having a quiet meal together, thinking all the while their precious little angel was safe with me, snug as a bug in a rug.  HAH!!!
I am the only one snug and warm ... I couldn't believe it when my grand daughter showed me the photo she had snapped when they returned home.  They had come home and found both of us sound asleep alright, only I was the one who was snug, wrapped up in the blanket, with both the doll and bottle over by me and poor little Abigail was scrunched up half frozen in nothing but a diaper!!!
Brittany said, "Oh, Grandma, I had to take the picture!  The two of you were so cute!"
I am sure she covered Abigail and placed her bottle and doll  back where it belonged!  Maybe she will give me another chance!!!  I will have Abigail a big picture made of this, mat it, frame it and give it to her one day.
Peace and blessings to all and have a wonderful New Year!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Shoregirl's Creations Printable Recipe Cards

After visiting Shoregirl's Creations, I was in awe of her creativity and ability to design!  She has some of the most beautiful creations I have seen and had left the kindest, nicest comment on my blog, so I felt I could ask her if she possibly could design some vintage recipe cards for me!  They were posted to her blog today and are absolutely perfect for what I need!!
I have downloaded every single card, plan to personalize them for my daughters, daughters in law and grand daughters.  I will put some of our family favorites on several of them, then add some blank cards so they can add their own favorite dishes to the set.  I will tie them with a ribbon and put their names on handmade tag, tied to the ribbon.
I know the girls will love them!  They are very sentimental and will love having their mom and/or grandma's handwritten recipes in the years to come.
Bless her sweet little heart, she designed 6 of them and I plan to use every one many times over!  A simple 'thank you' seems so inadequate, so I wanted to share with you what she had done for me and they are there for you as well.  Please go look at them and I know you will want them for yourself or to give to others.
I am posting  a couple of the cards so you can see how beautiful they are.

recipe card designed by Shoregirl

recipe card designed by Shoregirl

Remember be sweet ... Santa's still watching!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Three Old Santa Images

lovely old Santa with holly

sweet old Santa with bag of toys

sant with holly and berries

I hope you will like these 3 old Santa images.  I love them and hope to use them myself this week if I get the time to make what I have in mind for them! I know a few people who collect Santas and Christmas ornaments, often displaying them the year 'round. 
They are beautiful and an absolute delight to look at, bringing such light into the eyes of a child, it is a delight to behold!
Happy hoilidays all and remember ...
be sweet!  XXXOOOXXOOX

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