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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gorges' Grouse: Have A Blessed Resurrection Day!

Gorges' Grouse: Have A Blessed Resurrection Day!

I have linked to this so you could all see the beautiful card that Gorges has posted to share with us, one that his grandfather sent to his grandmother on April 5th, 1912.  The antique card is gorgeous with the white swans, but please be aware it is copyrighted and may NOT be downloaded.  I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this and I know you all will be as well.  


Thanks for the plug, Polly. It may not even be legal for me to show these cards, but I suspect it is, considering the historical context. I have no idea how long a copyright lasts on such things, some have printing dates and some don't.


Gorges, it is certainly legal for you to show the card!! (And also very generous, I might add) I am so glad you did as so much of our past is lost and this reminds us a little of 'the way it was'. Thank you for sharing it.


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