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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pink Pretties And A Beauty With Yellow Flowers

Lady with yellow flowers

A Doll For Christmas

Girl With Pink Roses

I believe this is an old Humphrey print
Today I am sharing four of the sweetest images  ... from a lady surrounded by yellow blossoms to a beautiful old Humphrey print.  They are each pretty and unique graphics, free and perfect for craft projects.  I haven't learned to transfer them to fabric yet, but I have seen some adorable little pillows, even coverlets, made using such prints as these.  I am sure it is easy to do.  I saw one decorated with a print that had been transferred to fabric, then pearls surrounded the image and silk flowers (or they may have been fabric) flowers decorated the rest.  It was just beautiful.  I know they are so pretty used in decorating a box or any kind of collaged object as that is mostly what I love to do.  Some of the finished items absolutely look like heirlooms.  They are SO pretty.  I especially love to decorate and craft with angel graphics and those of cute little children.  Whatever you decide to do with them is up to you!  I just hope you are happy with them and like them as much as I do.
Be sweet as always!!!


The top one would have been considered quite racey by some back then! My favorite is the Christmas one, but they're all lovely.


Thank you, Gorges! Yes, I agree about the top one - in my day it would have been of great concern to my mom if she thought my brothers dared look at such a photo!!!! My how times have changed!!


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