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Monday, October 11, 2010

Never Too Early To Think Of Christmas (especially for Taylor Swift Fanatics)

I just love these little Christmas images!  I tell you, all it takes for me is breathing crisp, cool air and my mind wanders off to snowy days with lights sparkling in the dark, lighting up the night with every color of the rainbow!!  I long for the candy canes, the sweet apple cider with red hots that simmer and leave a wonderful aroma wafting throughout the house ... dragging out the stockings and untangling the lights that I swear every year will be the last time they will be in such a tangled mess when I retrieve them for the next season.  It doesn't take much for me to be as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve trying to get a peek at Santa as he slips in to leave the presents and grab his cookie, wolfing down the glass of milk so he can hurry to his next stop.  I swear when I was little I saw reindeer tracks on our lawn!  Is there anyone who can say with a certainty that I did not?  My great grand children love that story and every word is true! 
I have loads of old Victorian Santas, children and Christmas angels so I will begin to slip a few in now and then.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and that you can use them in a project or just to print, matt, frame and enjoy!!! 
Just have to say it, you know ... be sweet!!!


Thank you, Kiki, it is comments like this that keep me going ... I love to share with others and I LOVE making people smile, be happy, be aware of how lucky we really are ...


Thanks Polly! So sweet!I love nostalgia! I grabbed a few fall ones,too!JACKIE (LOUISIANA BAYOU LADY)


I'm having trouble getting this to go thru...Thanks for the visit and comment you left on my blog. Thanks for the follow as well...altho your avatar didn't appear on my followers makes it so much easier to revisit your blog when it's there.


My apoligies Polly...I found you about 10 clicks(pages) back on my followers list..


After checking out your blog, I decided to follow it. Check my response to your comment on my blog, and then the post for April 3rd.


I love Victorian Christmas pictures too! Especially on my desktop with desktop snow falling. LOL What a great time of the year!


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