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Sunday, September 19, 2010

War Ration Book And Woolworth Menu (Plus Memories)

I think you will really like these two wonderful graphics.  Isn't it fun to see the way it was "back in the day"?
I often wish I was there and think I might have been born in the wrong century!!  I would be perfectly happy, with no computer or any of the comforts we take so for granted today!!  I raised my children in the rural south, where if you saw a cloud of dust on the road you knew you were about to have company!  We had to drive 20 miles just to get a loaf of bread.  We barely knew what store bought bread was anyway!!  I made biscuits and cornbread and homemade yeast rolls all the time.  It was the way I was raised, it was what I knew to do. 
I am SO grateful my kids had a chance to grow up the way they did and the way I grew up as well.  They could walk in the woods, explore, fish in the canal in the field beside our house.  They climbed trees, picked dusty blackberries by the roadside in a lard bucket.  That's what I used to cook as that's all I knew to do.  I tease them today that our arteries are probably solid hog fat!!!!  They have such fond memories of their childhood and that, after all, is what is important.  They remember coming home from school and smelling homemade bread or cookies before they even opened the door.  I say to anyone who will listen that those were the happiest days of my life and it is so true.  I was so young when I married, my dad used to say I grew up with my kids, the only thing is, they grew up and I never did! 
Don't see any need to grow up now as I want to play dolls and have tea parties with my great grand children.
I do get carried away when I talk of those days!
Be sweet and treat others as you would like to be treated.


I strongly feel 666 the Number of the Beast refers to John 6:66, the one single Bible verse thus numbered. Why so scary? Because it refers to the literally morbid quality of the Communion as seen from a purely human viewpoint; so, when people find out what God really IS, they back out. And indeed the Christians, seem, by habit numbed and blinded, unaware of this dark aspect; how would they react, just opening their eyes to the entirely obvious? In addition, the number suits excellently to a mighty cascade of interpretations based on operations on the first three positive integers, being of paramount importance for Christian doctrine, like Monotheism, the binary nature of Christ and the Trinity. Now, if this is the optimal solution or indeed the Solution, then I, Peter Ingestad aka Kraxpelax from Sweden, I am really Something, n'est-ce pas, being object of allusion by the verse, and consequently by the very Number itself. And, curiously, the word for 6, the so-called "Perfect Number" as both the sum and product of its terms /factors 1, 2, 3, thus well fit for symbolizing God, in Swedish is Sex, reminding of my theory about the Big Duality (see below). And yes, the Swedish word for Sex is Sex as well. All this rather striking, don't you think? coincidental? who can tell? Think it over.

Windor Mirrow

The Moon
on a cat


Single Swingle

- Peter Ingestad, Sweden


I just don't get it!! Is there something I am missing? I cannot begin to understand what you are saying, or even why, for that matter.


Polly, thanks for your sweet comment. I love your graphics. I feel the same way you do about angels. I love angels and the serenity they bring to me.
I also love this F.W. Woolworth menu. I can totally remember that as a kid. We shopped there all of the time. I look forward to getting to know you.
P.S. - that post above is weird.


I totally agree ... I cannot even begin to understand what the heck he (she?) is trying to say!!!


I have loved reading your memories! I wish i could have been brought up in the same way as you.
It sounds so idyllic!
I am so glad i found your blog ,i shall be returning frequently.Thank you so much too, for the lovely vintage pics.Be happy.Rosie.x


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