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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas Images Already? Free To Use As You Please

After being sent my own personal angel, I couldn't help but think of Christmas, although Halloween and Thanksgiving have not yet arrived!!
Christmas is my very favorite time of the year.  I think it is to most everyone, especially to the little children.  I remember how excited my own children became weeks before the holiday!  They were like little elves, eyes sparkling with the wonderment of it all.  They loved to go riding at night, marveling at all the twinkling lights.  I believe their little faces outshone even the brightest of lights!  It was a time of joy and excitement for them.
What special memories of Christmas comes to mind for you?
I am sure we all have many that stand out.  I have such special childhood memories myself, of the holiday seasons when my brothers and I were small and my sweet little mom and dad made them all the more special for us.  How lucky we were to have apples, oranges and chocolate santas in our stockings on Christmas morning!!  We actually hung up real stockings, not the kind you buy in a store, but the best ones we could find that we wore to keep us warm during the cold winter days.  They hung proudly and prominently on nails by the tree Dad had cut himself.  We strung popcorn, made paper ornaments and Mama helped us cut out a big star for the tree top.  It was the most beautiful tree in the world to us.
I really get carried away when those memories bubble up!  I hope you like the Christmas images and can use them in your crafting or just enjoy them as I do.
Be sweet!!


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