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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vintage Ads - Campbell's Soup And Sunkist

I love this old Campbell's Soup ad!!  Just look at the variety, 21 kinds and what a value with such a low price!!  I wish I could fill a grocery cart full of soup at those prices to say nothing of stocking up on good old Sunkist.  Boy, those were the days!  But then, the week's wages may have only been twelve or fifteen dollars!!  I remember once I spent seventeen dollars on  groceries and I was scared as all get out to tell my husband because I usually only spent around twelve dollars Strange as it sounds today, we ate quite well and had about anything our little old hearts desired!!!  Enjoy you freebies and go make something!!
Above all, be sweet and kind to all!


You have such lovely blogs. As you can see, I am now a follower on both.

~ Yaya


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