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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Vintage Angels

Angels are all around us if we quiet our minds, be peaceful, be serene and tranquil ... we don't even have to look and search for them ... they are just there.  We do not always see them but we can feel their presence.
I know you will love these sweet angel images every bit as much as I do.  They are so beautiful in a collage on the lid of a dainty little box, with the box bottom painted in a soft pastel color.  Enhance the lid with small pastel buttons, "jewels" or tiny beads, bits of old lace or a lovely little bow hot glued in place.  Place paper shreds or tissue paper in the box before placing your treasure inside.  It makes a wonderful gift.
I recently made such a little box for my grand daughter with only an old black and white photo of her parents that I had put into a small collage on a card.  It was such a personal little gift for her and she loves and cherishes it.  I am sure she will keep it forever and am so glad I could give her a gift she will cherish..  Don't forget to add your name and the date on the bottom of the box or, as I did, on the back of the picture inside.  You could even write it on the box bottom inside.  Anyway, I hope you will have fun with your angels.
Just remember to be sweet!!!


Very beautiful!

I really do believe that angels are all around us. We just need to be quiet enough, tranquil enough, and peaceful enough to feel their presence.

Great post as always. I love visiting this blog whenever I've had a rough day. It cheers me right up!!!

Best wishes,



Thank you so much! Comments such as this make it all worthwhile and make my day much brighter! I am so glad your day cheers right up when you visit. I am so very grateful. You, my dear, are a sweetheart!!!


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