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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Trio Of Adorable Angel Images

Little angels with baby Jesus
Angel guarding children

Christmas Hymns

I have for you today 3 of the sweetest angel images .  They are such a joy to look at, the tiny angels overlooking baby Jesus in His manger, a couple of little lovelies singing hymns and the Guardian Angel with the little boy and girl are absolutely beautiful.  I have seen some gorgeous work on other blogs lately using graphics in various ways and I love what they are doing!!!  I hope you find these useful in your craft and art work.  If you use these please send a picture.  I would love to see it and post it for all to see.  Thanks to those of you who have become followers.  You are the reason I do this, I feel it is a shame to keep such glorious old images under wraps.  They should be shared freely with all.
Be sweet and may you always walk with angels!


Thank you so much. I am glad you like them. I love the images of angels.


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