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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Back In The Day" Vintage Ad Freebies

A little different from today's "personal" ads 
Anyone remember these prices?
With Thanksgiving approaching, this old ad is quite appropriate!

I have 3 old ads from "back in the day" for you!  Don't you just love looking at all the old magazine articles, newspapers, etc. and marvel at how different we live today?  True, it is so much more convenient, but gone are the days when mom was at home wiping her hands on an apron waiting for the kiddies to hurry home from  school, hurrying to gobble up the homemade snack they knew would be waiting on them.  I absolutely loved that time in my life.  It was the happiest I ever knew.  I DID wear an apron, make 3 meals a day from scratch.
My children's school had a Halloween Carnival with a supper in the old cafeteria included in the festivities.  Every year I prepared a huge pan of baked beans for the occasion.  I always remarked that I wondered how many beans I would have to bake to get all my kids through school!  Oh, the joy, the pride I felt!!!
As the holidays draw near, be sweet and may you always walk among angels!


I guess "old" is relative. That ancient ad in the middle appears to be from 1966!


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