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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beautiful Mother's Day Graphics

I love these graphics ... a lady's hand holding a single rose, one red and one pink, and the hand with the quill is just gorgeous!  They could be used so many ways in crafting a great gift for mom or any special lady.  Get your creative caps on and let's think of how we can use these pretty pictures!!  I think they would be absolutely lovely decorating a candy wrapper , box or card.  My favorite is the one with the pink rose and frilly sleeve.  They would be great to brighten up a plain frame which could hold a special Mother's Day poem, covered with a glossy sealer and placed on a gold plate holder or even to decorate a plain plate ... the verse, graphic and put into a plate hanger for just that perfect place on a bare wall.  
I am sure whether you just like to collect them, look at them or use them in crafting, these will be among your favorites as they are mine.  More for tomorrow, Loveys!! 
Be sweet now!!!


I love all of these... :) Thnxs for sharing, now I'm a follower! :D xOxO


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