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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angel Babies And Vintage Children

little baby angels

little girl (looks like she is pouting about something)

little girl & boy with wooden wagon & doll ... skirt on the little boy, common in those days

The image of the angel babies is adorable and I absolutely LOVE the following two photos of vintage children.  I don't think the first little child wanted her picture taken or something had made her very unhappy or angry from the look on her face!  Also the second old photo is SO cute with the skirt on the little boy and there is something about the wagon with the doll that is special ... so different from what our little children play with today.
My own children usually played more with the box a toy came in than the toy itself, especially my boys!  Times have certainly changed, some for the better, but lots of things I would have liked to see remain as they were, the gathering and visiting of families and friends doesn't seem to be the same as it once was and I miss those times.  Life was simpler I believe and though I am aware progress is inevitable and good for the most part, some of the old ways of life definitely are better than today in my view.


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