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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage Ads

vintage ad that makes me wonder 'what in the heck were you thinking?'

I have taken Grove;s Chill Tonic, but believe had I  seen this ad as a child, NOTHING could have forced my mouth open!

Well, it would seem not all vintage graphics are as sweet and precious as those of the innocent little wide eyed children and the lovely old images of angels with wings outspread!  However, these old ads are as much of our past as the simple beauty of the florals, the sweet valentine cupids, playful children and graceful ladies ... though the message is not one we would send today, they are a part of our history, a piece of our past and therefore should be looked at, proud of how far we've come.
They will still be used I believe in works of art, altered art, ATC's, whatever ... they may or may not be of use to anyone ... they DO depict a time when the thinking was much different than today.
That is my reasoning, for it is a time we have all come from.  I do hope you have found them to be of interest, if nothing else ... you gotta' give them that ...but a baby shaving, a fat pig with a child's face ... I ask again, "What in the heck were they thinking?".  Boggles the mind!
Be sweet and look for angels tomorrow!!!  Treat others kindly, give them a reason to smile!!


I snagged the first one for a birthday card for a male relative, but I left the baby-face pig just for looking to the past. Whew! That's wild.
I really like the new look of your blog.


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