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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Couple More Of My Own Little Digi Creations

This is my mother in law at age 16.  Wasn't she a beauty?  I placed her over a picture of apple blossoms that I cropped to fit.  I got too much color on the edges and never could shrink it or remove it but it was fun to try!

This is one I played with a while and am not sure exactly what I am supposed to be doing but I guess if I sort of like it, it may be okay for others as well.  I haven't learned how to get the colors I would like but I guess it gets easier with practice.  I would especially like to thank Bliss Angels for her sweet comments on my last post! They were so encouraging and make me want to learn even more.  Thank you SO much!!!  Now if I can ever figure out how to make an ATC!!!
Remember to always be sweet and always be nice!!


Absolutely your mother in law is beautiful and i think your sooooooo beautiful too.


Thank you SO much, sweetheart! Your sweet comment has made my day a lot brighter.


Polly if you can do this you can make a ATC you just print one of them off and cut it down. I hope we will see you for next months swap... but I have a warning.... once you start you will not be able to stop , bit like eating chocolate... have a great day Hugs Wendy @ blissangels


OMG!!! Does it have to be a certain thickness, type of paper, etc.? I have always wished I could do that but others work was just so beautiful and I never thought I could come close to making something anyone else would like. Just today I made a paper collage that I really liked (at least most of it) and I thought 'Aha! that's how you do it!' I am as excited as a child on Christmas morning and can't wait to learn more. Thanks SO much.


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