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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Variety Of Valentines

These are just the sweetest little valentines ever!!  I love all valentines and when I was a child I got so excited decorating a shoebox or whatevcer it may be to hold the valentines we exchanged at school!!  I wish I had every single one I have ever received, but do not, so hope to give you all just a bit of inspiration for the "day of love"!  I have lots more old ones and will try to post some every day.  Enjoy and use them in any way you wish.  Have fun along the way ... we only go around one time, let's make the most of it!!


I love your sweet valentines! I have some on my blog, and I know you stopped by and saw them! Thank you for your sweet email message! We are kindred spirits!
May you be blessed! Love, Linda


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