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Friday, January 6, 2012

An Assortment of Vintage Images

Does anybody remember a washing machine like this?  

A mother holding her child ... simpler times

old time ad

Dear friends, I have here quite an assortment of free vintage images!  I usually try to share images with similiar qualities, but, as you see, I don't always succeed! 
I do believe my favorite is the vintage wringer washing machine.  My mom washed clothes in a wringer machine, but it was totally different from this picture.  It was sparkling white and I remember we had two large square galvanized tubs that we used to rinse the clothes in.  They required two rinsings to be certain of removing the harsh compounds that were used in those days.
Oh, what wonderful memories come rising up as I think of 'wash day'!  It was usually an all day event.  Mama used the cleanest rinse water to then mop the kitchen floor and last of all, the board floor of our screened in back porch.
I always helped her hang the wash on the clothes lines in the back yard (a clothes line graced every yard I knew of).  My dad had strung them as tightly as possible and it was fun to slide the cloth clothespin bag along the line with a clothespin in my mouth, ready to pin the next garment to hang silently in the sun or blow in the wind.  Windy days were good 'wash days' as the towels were much softer when whipped about on a soft breeze, fluffing the nap.
Goodness, I could go on forever, but I do hope thes images please you, that you can use them in some way.
Be sweet and always treat others as you would like to be treated.


I seen that kind of "washing machine," but the ones my grandparents had were little grey Maytags. They may have been "converts," but I'm not sure.


Thank you -- these are cute. My grandmother had a "roller washer". This first image reminded of it. As a child, I was fascinated!


I just love the image of the mother helping child, the muted shades are lovely.
Thanks for sharing. Kathy


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