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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vintage Angels

Little angels with scroll  
Angel with mother and baby

Angel children with sleeping child

Angels overlooking lady on bench

Thought all you artists and crafters needed some angels to work with, seeing as Christmas is drawing closer day by day.  I know you will find something to make, something to alter, something to craft using these beautiful angels! 
I saw a Pringles can being used as a spaghetti holder the other day and I plan to make one.  The can was not painted or decorated at all and, though I know angels would not be suitable for such a project, I wanted to tell you all about it.   It is a great idea that I had never thought of.  I am going to spray paint mine black, then mod podge kitchen images onto it and add white dots with the end of a brush around the top and bottom of the container.  I made a sugar canister in this way, using a plastic coffee can and it is VERY pretty and useful as well.  I hope you have lots of fun.
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