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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Funny Old Card and Old Gas Stations

looks almost like the single gas station in the little community I grew up in
old gas station - how many remember running boards on cars?
Don't you love the look on this little boy's face and how funny is the message?!
 The card has nothing in common with the old photos, but I think it is just too sweet and cute, I couldn't save it for a later post!
The days when a gas station attendant not only pumped gas, but washed windshields, checked the oil and water and even put air in the tires if they were a bit low are gone forever.  He then took the money inside and brought back any change we were due!! Those days are memories now, good ones I would say.
When I was a teenager (about 100 years ago, it seems) a couple of girlfriends and I would pool our money, buy fifty cents worth of gas and ride all afternoon!
When gas finally went to $1.00 a gallon, most rural pumps and lots in cities only went as high as 99 cents. With no other resolution, the poor owners of the stations set their pumps at 50 cents, then doubled it when you had to pay. Many customers were not at all pleased and were forced to listen unhappily to the reasoning behind it.
Times have certainly changed, I will say and I'm not sure it has all been for the better!!!!!
Be sweet!


When I was kid, there were no running boards on new cars. There WERE, however, running boards on some of the cars MY family drove!


Same here, Gorges! I do remember running boards and stepping on them to get into a car.


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